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  • 600+ Voices
  • 150 Languages
  • 10 Seconds Voice Cloning
  • +100K Active Users

Step 1


Just paste the text you want to be transformed into audio in Verbatik Dashboard

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Verbatik Text to Speech Dashboard

Step 2


We offer over 600 AI voices in multiple languages for you to choose from + ability to create your own voice with Voice Cloning. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your usage.

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Step 3


Click on Generate You can play the voiceover directly from Verbatik to see if you like it or if you want to try a different voice. After that, all it is left to do is to DOWNLOAD your brand new voiceover and use it for your projects. Simple as that!

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Verbatik Pricing

Simple Pricing


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  • 200.000 Characters
  • 100.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • Limited Access to Script Writer AI
  • ~ 3 hours of Audio
  • Commercial Rights


  • 1.000.000 Characters
  • 500.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • Unlimited Access to Script Writer AI
  • ~ 20 hours of Audio
  • Access to All Voices
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Sound Studio
  • API Access
  • Commercial Rights


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  • Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Voice Cloning Characters
  • Unlimited Access to Script Writer AI
  • Unlimited hours of Audio
  • Access to All Voices
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Sound Studio
  • API Access
  • Commercial Rights
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Prepaid Characters

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  • 200.000 Characters
  • 100.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • ~ 3 hours of Audio
  • Commercial Rights
  • Only Pay Once

Verbatik is famous for these features

Instant conversion of text into natural-sounding speech

ffortlessly transform text to natural-sounding speech with our innovative instant conversion tool

Download options in MP3 and WAV audio file formats

Offering audio downloads in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats for versatile usage

Over 600+ natural-sounding AI Text to Speech voices

Choose from 600+ realistic AI voices for diverse text-to-speech conversions

Supports 142 languages and accents for broad linguistic diversity

Providing broad linguistic diversity with support for 142 languages and accents

Allows customization of the voices emotion and tone

Customize emotion and tone of voices for personalized speech outputs

We provide commercial and broadcast rights

Commercial and broadcast rights available for wide-reaching audio distribution

Enables unlimited revisions of the voiceover

Unlimited voiceover revisions enabled to ensure perfect audio outputs

Customization of AI voices including rate, pitch, volume, and pronunciations

Full AI voice customization, including rate, pitch, volume, and pronunciation

Microsoft Store app availability.

Available on Microsoft Store for seamless and convenient access

AI Voices in Every Language and Accent in the World

Transform Your Articles into Engaging Audio

Now you can create high-quality audio versions of your articles effortlessly, thanks to the power of realistic Text to Speech AI voices. With advanced AI voice polish technology, your content can be transformed into engaging audio content in no time. By embedding SEO-friendly audio players directly into your articles, you can increase content reach and accessibility, making it easier for users to engage with your content on-the-go or in situations where reading isnt an option. With the ability to create a TTS voice that matches your brand tone and style, you can deliver a consistent user experience across all channels. Try it today and see how easy it is to bring your content to life with AI-powered TTS voices.

  • Simple yet powerful Text to Speech editor
  • Powerful Sound Studio to merge and enhance audio results
  • Full set of SSML Features
  • Download & Share Results Easily
  • Organize and Preserve Your Text-to-Speech Data
  • Integrate with your Application with a simple API Call
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Enhance Your Media with 600+ Realistic AI Text-to-Speech Voices in 142 Languages

  • Versatile AI Text-to-Speech Conversion: Export Your Projects in MP3 & WAV Formats for Wide Compatibility

  • Secure Commercial & Broadcast Rights: Legally Enhance Your Content with Our 600+ AI Voices in 142 Languages

  • Unlimited Revisions for Perfection: Fine-Tune Your Audio Content with Advanced Text-to-Speech Customization"
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World of Text to Speech

How Verbatik can Help You


Interactivity is a key driver of brand engagement. Experiential marketing with VERBATIK TTS makes those interactions possible.

Educational Applications

Enrich Learning Experiences: Enhance e-learning platforms, audiobooks, and language learning apps with VERBATIK TTS for immersive and personalized education.

Multimedia Presentations

Enhance Engagement: Elevate multimedia presentations with VERBATIK TTS, creating dynamic and captivating audio experiences for slideshows, videos, and interactive content

Customer Service Automation

Deliver Exceptional Support: Streamline customer service with VERBATIK TTS, enabling virtual agents to provide personalized assistance with natural voices.

Voice Commerce Applications

Your customers are shopping on voice-enabled devices. Make sure your brand is there to meet them with custom TTS voices from VERBATIK.

Podcasting and Audio Content Creation

Create Captivating Experiences: Elevate podcasts with VERBATIK TTS for professional-grade narration, interviews, and engaging audio content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verbatik is an AI-powered text-to-speech and voice cloning platform that converts written text into natural-sounding speech. It offers over 600 realistic voices across 142 languages and accents.

Verbatik uses advanced machine learning algorithms(We love GPUs) to convert written text into spoken words. You input the text into the platform, and it generates high-quality, natural-sounding speech.

Verbatik is suitable for a wide range of applications, including creating voiceovers for videos, developing audio content for podcasts, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired users, producing audiobooks, and much more.

Verbatik can export the generated speech to both MP3 and WAV formats, making it compatible with most audio playback devices.

Absolutely, Verbatik's voices can be used for commercial purposes across all its pricing models(Not available for Free Subscription).

Yes, Verbatik allows users to customize the voice output, including adjustments in tone, emotion, and rate of speech, to create the perfect voiceover for their needs.

Verbatik typically accepts major Credit Cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay,iDeal and PayPal. We also support Bank Transfer for Annual Plans and Enterprise Plans.

Verbatik has several pricing plans ranging from a free option up to an enterprise level. These include the Lite($8), Starter($19), Big Team($39), Professional($180). Each comes with a set amount of characters per month and additional benefits.

Paid plans offer benefits such as access to all neural voices, commercial rights, a larger number of characters per month, and additional features like adding background music, sound studio access, API Access, Voice Cloning and Scriptwriter.

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time as per your needs.

Yes, with the Custom Plan, you can choose the amount of characters you need per month, ranging from 10,000,000 to unlimited, and pay a monthly/yearly fee based on your chosen character limit. It offers access to all neural voices and voice effects and a 20% discount on prepaid characters.

Yes, Verbatik offers special pricing for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact our support team for more details support@verbatik.com .

As a web-based service, Verbatik requires a browser and an internet connection. It works well on all major operating systems.

Yes, you can add background music to your voiceovers.

Yes, Verbatik takes data security very seriously and adheres to strict privacy and data protection policies. Your data is never shared with third parties.

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