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Languages and Accents Available on Verbatik

Afrikaans Language - South Africa Accent

Amharic Language - Ethiopia Accent

Arabic Language - United Arab Emirates Accent

Arabic Language - Bahrain Accent

Arabic Language - Algeria Accent

Arabic Language - Egypt Accent

Arabic Language - Iraq Accent

Arabic Language - Jordan Accent

Arabic Language - Kuwait Accent

Arabic Language - Lebanon Accent

Arabic Language - Libya Accent

Arabic Language - Morocco Accent

Arabic Language - Oman Accent

Arabic Language - Qatar Accent

Arabic Language - Saudi Arabia Accent

Arabic Language - Syria Accent

Arabic Language - Tunisia Accent

Arabic Language - Pseudo-Accent

Arabic Language - Yemen Accent

Azerbaijani Language - Azerbaijan Accent

Bulgarian Language - Bulgaria Accent

Bengali Language - Bangladesh Accent

Bengali Language - India Accent

Bosnian Language - Bosnia and Herzegovina Accent

Catalan Language - Spain Accent

Mandarin Chinese Language - China Accent

Mandarin Chinese Language - Taiwan Accent

Czech Language - Czech Republic Accent

Welsh Language - United Kingdom Accent

Danish Language - Denmark Accent

German Language - Austria Accent

German Language - Switzerland Accent

German Language - Germany Accent

Greek Language - Greece Accent

English Language - Australia Accent

English Language - Canada Accent

English Language - United Kingdom Accent

English Language - Wales Accent

English Language - Hong Kong Accent

English Language - Ireland Accent

English Language - India Accent

English Language - Kenya Accent

English Language - Nigeria Accent

English Language - New Zealand Accent

English Language - Philippines Accent

English Language - Singapore Accent

English Language - Tanzania Accent

English Language - United States Accent

English Language - South Africa Accent

Spanish Language - Argentina Accent

Spanish Language - Bolivia Accent

Spanish Language - Chile Accent

Spanish Language - Colombia Accent

Spanish Language - Costa Rica Accent

Spanish Language - Cuba Accent

Spanish Language - Dominican Republic Accent

Spanish Language - Ecuador Accent

Spanish Language - Spain Accent

Spanish Language - Equatorial Guinea Accent

Spanish Language - Guatemala Accent

Spanish Language - Honduras Accent

Spanish Language - Mexico Accent

Spanish Language - Nicaragua Accent

Spanish Language - Panama Accent

Spanish Language - Peru Accent

Spanish Language - Puerto Rico Accent

Spanish Language - Paraguay Accent

Spanish Language - El Salvador Accent

Spanish Language - United States Accent

Spanish Language - Uruguay Accent

Spanish Language - Venezuela Accent

Estonian Language - Estonia Accent

Persian Language - Iran Accent

Finnish Language - Finland Accent

Filipino Language - Philippines Accent

French Language - Belgium Accent

French Language - Canada Accent

French Language - Switzerland Accent

French Language - France Accent

Irish Language - Ireland Accent

Galician Language - Spain Accent

Gujarati Language - India Accent

Hebrew Language - Israel Accent

Hindi Language - India Accent

Croatian Language - Croatia Accent

Hungarian Language - Hungary Accent

Indonesian Language - Indonesia Accent

Icelandic Language - Iceland Accent

Italian Language - Italy Accent

Japanese Language - Japan Accent

Javanese Language - Indonesia Accent

Georgian Language - Georgia Accent

Kazakh Language - Kazakhstan Accent

Khmer Language - Cambodia Accent

Kannada Language - India Accent

Korean Language - South Korea Accent

Lao Language - Laos Accent

Lithuanian Language - Lithuania Accent

Latvian Language - Latvia Accent

Macedonian Language - North Macedonia Accent

Malayalam Language - India Accent

Mongolian Language - Mongolia Accent

Marathi Language - India Accent

Malay Language - Malaysia Accent

Maltese Language - Malta Accent

Burmese Language - Myanmar Accent

Norwegian Bokmål Language - Norway Accent

Nepali Language - Nepal Accent

Dutch Language - Belgium Accent

Dutch Language - Netherlands Accent

Punjabi Language - India Accent

Polish Language - Poland Accent

Pashto Language - Afghanistan Accent

Portuguese Language - Brazil Accent

Portuguese Language - Portugal Accent

Romanian Language - Romania Accent

Russian Language - Russia Accent

Sinhala Language - Sri Lanka Accent

Slovak Language - Slovakia Accent

Slovenian Language - Slovenia Accent

Somali Language - Somalia Accent

Albanian Language - Albania Accent

Serbian Language - Serbia Accent

Sundanese Language - Indonesia Accent

Swedish Language - Sweden Accent

Swahili Language - Kenya Accent

Swahili Language - Tanzania Accent

Tamil Language - India Accent

Tamil Language - Sri Lanka Accent

Tamil Language - Malaysia Accent

Tamil Language - Singapore Accent

Telugu Language - India Accent

Thai Language - Thailand Accent

Turkish Language - Turkey Accent

Ukrainian Language - Ukraine Accent

Urdu Language - India Accent

Urdu Language - Pakistan Accent

Uzbek Language - Uzbekistan Accent

Vietnamese Language - Vietnam Accent

Cantonese Language - Hong Kong Accent

Chinese Language - China Accent

Chinese Language - Hong Kong Accent

Chinese Language - Taiwan Accent

Zulu Language - South Africa Accent

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