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  • 200.000 Characters
  • 100.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • Limited Access to Script Writer AI
  • ~ 3 hours of Audio
  • Commercial Rights


  • 1.000.000 Characters
  • 500.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • Unlimited Access to Script Writer AI
  • ~ 20 hours of Audio
  • Access to All Voices
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Sound Studio
  • API Access
  • Commercial Rights


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  • Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Voice Cloning Characters
  • Unlimited Access to Script Writer AI
  • Unlimited hours of Audio
  • Access to All Voices
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Sound Studio
  • API Access
  • Commercial Rights
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  • 200.000 Characters
  • 100.000 Voice Cloning Characters
  • ~ 3 hours of Audio
  • Commercial Rights
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Frequently Asked Questions

Verbatik is an AI-powered text-to-speech and voice cloning platform that converts written text into natural-sounding speech. It offers over 600 realistic voices across 142 languages and accents.

Verbatik uses advanced machine learning algorithms(We love GPUs) to convert written text into spoken words. You input the text into the platform, and it generates high-quality, natural-sounding speech.

Verbatik is suitable for a wide range of applications, including creating voiceovers for videos, developing audio content for podcasts, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired users, producing audiobooks, and much more.

Verbatik can export the generated speech to both MP3 and WAV formats, making it compatible with most audio playback devices.

Absolutely, Verbatik's voices can be used for commercial purposes across all its pricing models(Not available for Free Subscription).

Yes, Verbatik allows users to customize the voice output, including adjustments in tone, emotion, and rate of speech, to create the perfect voiceover for their needs.

Verbatik typically accepts major Credit Cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay,iDeal and PayPal. We also support Bank Transfer for Annual Plans and Enterprise Plans.

Verbatik has several pricing plans ranging from a free option up to an enterprise level. These include the Lite($8), Starter($19), Big Team($39), Professional($180). Each comes with a set amount of characters per month and additional benefits.

Paid plans offer benefits such as access to all neural voices, commercial rights, a larger number of characters per month, and additional features like adding background music, sound studio access, API Access, Voice Cloning and Scriptwriter.

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time as per your needs.

Yes, with the Custom Plan, you can choose the amount of characters you need per month, ranging from 10,000,000 to unlimited, and pay a monthly/yearly fee based on your chosen character limit. It offers access to all neural voices and voice effects and a 20% discount on prepaid characters.

Yes, Verbatik offers special pricing for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact our support team for more details .

As a web-based service, Verbatik requires a browser and an internet connection. It works well on all major operating systems.

Yes, you can add background music to your voiceovers.

Yes, Verbatik takes data security very seriously and adheres to strict privacy and data protection policies. Your data is never shared with third parties.

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