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Instant conversion of text into natural-sounding speech

Effortlessly transform text to natural-sounding speech with our innovative instant conversion tool

Download options in MP3 and WAV audio file formats

Offering audio downloads in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats for versatile usage

Over 600+ natural-sounding AI Text to Speech voices

Choose from 600+ realistic AI voices for diverse text-to-speech conversions

Supports 142 languages and accents for broad linguistic diversity

Providing broad linguistic diversity with support for 142 languages and accents

Allows customization of the voices emotion and tone

Customize emotion and tone of voices for personalized speech outputs

We provide commercial and broadcast rights

Commercial and broadcast rights available for wide-reaching audio distribution

Enables unlimited revisions of the voiceover

Unlimited voiceover revisions enabled to ensure perfect audio outputs

Customization of AI voices including rate, pitch, volume, and pronunciations

Full AI voice customization, including rate, pitch, volume, and pronunciation

Microsoft Store app availability.

Available on Microsoft Store for seamless and convenient access


Characters Generated






Files Downloaded


Unlock the Power of Speech with Verbatik

Unlock the World of AI Voices: Unleash Limitless Possibilities for Your Audio Projects

Our new POST API is designed to transform your text into high-quality, natural-sounding speech. Experience the diversity of over 140 languages and 600 voices. Whether you are an app developer or a multinational corporation, our API gives you the power to communicate with your audience in their language, their accent, and their tone.

Limitless Possibilities

With our unmatched array of languages and voices, you are no longer confined to the mundane. Create, innovate, and inspire with Verbatik

Budget-Friendly Excellence

At Verbatik, we believe in empowering our clients without breaking the bank. Benefit from world-class technology at a price that puts you first.

Seamless Integration

Why waste time on complex installations? Our API is designed for easy integration, letting you focus on what you do best - creating incredible content.

The voice of your business is its identity. With Verbatik API, give your business the voice it deserves. We are more than just a service provider; we are your partner in innovation. Your success is our success, and we cant wait to see what heights you will reach with Verbatik.






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How Verbatik can Help You

From custom branded digital voices for robust customer engagement to off-the-shelf TTS voices in over 140 languages to get you up and running quickly, VERBATIK AI has a full suite of cloud, embedded, and server solutions to meet your needs. Choose from an option below to get started.


Interactivity is a key driver of brand engagement. Experiential marketing with VERBATIK TTS makes those interactions possible.

Educational Applications

Enrich Learning Experiences: Enhance e-learning platforms, audiobooks, and language learning apps with VERBATIK TTS for immersive and personalized education.

Multimedia Presentations

Enhance Engagement: Elevate multimedia presentations with VERBATIK TTS, creating dynamic and captivating audio experiences for slideshows, videos, and interactive content

Customer Service Automation

Deliver Exceptional Support: Streamline customer service with VERBATIK TTS, enabling virtual agents to provide personalized assistance with natural voices.

Voice Commerce Applications

Your customers are shopping on voice-enabled devices. Make sure your brand is there to meet them with custom TTS voices from VERBATIK.

Podcasting and Audio Content Creation

Create Captivating Experiences: Elevate podcasts with VERBATIK TTS for professional-grade narration, interviews, and engaging audio content.


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