Advanced Voice Cloning

Use Verbatik advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to create:

Hero Voice Cloning

Experience the seamless simplicity of Verbatik, where quality Text-to-Speech conversion is just a click away

Step 1: Choose Your Language

Get into Text to Speech within just 5 clicks. Select your preferred language from an expansive selection of over 142 languages. Whether it iss English, Spanish, Mandarin, or Zulu, we ve got you covered.

Step 2: Enter Your Text

Next, simply input the text you want to be converted into speech. It could be a script for a video, a presentation, a book you want to hear instead of read, or even just a fun message. No matter the length or complexity,Verbatik technology is designed to handle it

Step 3: Customize Your Voice

Verbatik is not just about text-to-speech, it is about giving a unique voice to your words. Choose from a range of voice tones, accents, and styles to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a soothing voice for meditation instructions, a professional tone for a business presentation, or a cheerful voice for a childrens story, Verbatik lets you customize to your heart is content.

Ready? Lets Speak!

Hit the "Synthesize" button and in moments, your text will be transformed into high-quality speech. Download or share your audio file with ease. Step into the world of Verbatik, where every text finds its voice.

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AI Voices in Every Language and Accent in the World

Unlock the World of AI Voices: Unleash Limitless Possibilities for Your Audio Projects

You can now enhance your audio and video projects with realistic text-to-speech (TTS) technology powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. With a growing library of over 600+ natural-sounding AI TTS voices, available in 142 languages and accents, you can choose the perfect voice to match your projects tone and style. Whether you are creating a podcast, video tutorial, or presentation, these realistic TTS voices can help you save time and resources while providing high-quality audio.

Export in MP3 & WAV formats

Unlock the true potential of your content with our text-to-speech service. Seamlessly export your converted text in popular MP3 and WAV formats, ensuring compatibility across various platforms. Enhance your podcasts, videos, presentations, and more with crystal-clear audio that captivates your audience. Join the ranks of successful content creators by utilizing our advanced conversion technology to bring your words to life in an accessible and versatile format.

Commercial & broadcast rights

Take your projects to new heights with our text-to-speech service while adhering to legal guidelines. Gain peace of mind and confidence by obtaining commercial and broadcast rights for the AI voices used in your content. Boost your business professionalism and expand your reach with our comprehensive library of 600+ natural-sounding AI TTS voices, covering 142 languages and accents. Experience the freedom to create captivating audio content with full assurance that you are respecting copyright regulations.

Unlimited Revisions

Craft impeccable audio content tailored to your exact specifications with unlimited revisions. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. Fine-tune and optimize your text-to-speech conversions until they align perfectly with your vision. Whether its adjusting voice tone, pacing, or emphasis, our service empowers you to create audio content that truly resonates with your audience. With unlimited revisions, you have the freedom to perfect your audio until it achieves perfection, resulting in an exceptional end product that stands out from the crowd.

Now you can create high-quality audio versions of your articles effortlessly, thanks to the power of realistic Text to Speech AI voices. With advanced AI voice polish technology, your content can be transformed into engaging audio content in no time. By embedding SEO-friendly audio players directly into your articles, you can increase content reach and accessibility, making it easier for users to engage with your content on-the-go or in situations where reading isnt an option. With the ability to create a TTS voice that matches your brand tone and style, you can deliver a consistent user experience across all channels. Try it today and see how easy it is to bring your content to life with AI-powered TTS voices.

Simple yet powerful Text to Speech editor

Powerful Sound Studio to merge and enhance audio results

Full set of SSML Features

Download & Share Results Easily

Organize and Preserve Your Text-to-Speech Data

Integrate with your Application with a simple API Call

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How Verbatik can Help You

From custom branded digital voices for robust customer engagement to off-the-shelf TTS voices in over 140 languages to get you up and running quickly, VERBATIK AI has a full suite of cloud, embedded, and server solutions to meet your needs. Choose from an option below to get started.


Interactivity is a key driver of brand engagement. Experiential marketing with VERBATIK TTS makes those interactions possible.

Educational Applications

Enrich Learning Experiences: Enhance e-learning platforms, audiobooks, and language learning apps with VERBATIK TTS for immersive and personalized education.

Multimedia Presentations

Enhance Engagement: Elevate multimedia presentations with VERBATIK TTS, creating dynamic and captivating audio experiences for slideshows, videos, and interactive content

Customer Service Automation

Deliver Exceptional Support: Streamline customer service with VERBATIK TTS, enabling virtual agents to provide personalized assistance with natural voices.

Voice Commerce Applications

Your customers are shopping on voice-enabled devices. Make sure your brand is there to meet them with custom TTS voices from VERBATIK.

Podcasting and Audio Content Creation

Create Captivating Experiences: Elevate podcasts with VERBATIK TTS for professional-grade narration, interviews, and engaging audio content.

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