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    Use Verbatik advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to create:lifelike, expressive, and engaging voice clones perfect for your business needs. Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic .

Using your cloned voice on Verbatik


Generate unlimited speeches

Since this is generative voice AI, each time you render the audio it’s going to be unique. Generate multiple samples and select the perfect one for your needs.


Convert unlimited words

There’s no limit on how many words you convert in PlayHT’s text to speech editor. It’s your voice to use how you want and it won’t get tired.


Export as WAV

Once you’ve generated the voice samples you can easily export them as individual audio clips or a single file in high-quality WAV format.

Step 1

Upload 15 seconds of speech

You don't need professional equipment. Clear speaking time without any music or background noise to get a perfect clone.

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Step 2

Select Clone Language

With Verbatik Voice Cloning you can clone a voice and then use it in different languages. For example if the clone speaks Spanish you can select English and clone will speak English with Spanish Voice

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Voice Cloning Language selector

Step 3

Clone Voice

Click on Clone Voice You can play the clone speech directly from Verbatik to see if you like it or if you want to try a different voice. After that, all it is left to do is to DOWNLOAD your brand new voiceover and use it for your projects. Simple as that!

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Why is Verbatik the best AI Voice Cloning software

Fastest to Speech

Verbatik offers a voice cloning service that produces near-perfect audio clones in seconds without requiring long tuning times or expensive audio inputs

Advanced Script Editing

Our rich-text editor speeds up vocal performance workflows, allowing for real-time editing and quick generation of lines without spending day in post

Advanced Security

We've built a robust model to clone your voice to near-perfection, beyond what has ever been possible before. Our data systems are built to keep your identity safe.

State of the art Voice Cloning

Our voice cloning model produces near-perfect, emotionally diverse and professional vocal performances.


With our voice cloning software, we eliminate traditional vocal work problems and the need for re-reads, providing unlimited use across unlimited projects

Indistinguishable from Human Speech

Turn text into lifelike audio. Ideal for digital creators, get high-quality TTS streaming instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice cloning involves creating a synthetic version of a real person's voice using their audio recordings. This process utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze the real voice recordings, training a machine learning model to capture the voice's spectral characteristics, resulting in a synthetic voice that closely mirrors the original.

Verbatik leverages cutting-edge deep learning methods to produce voice clones that are rich in expression and emotion, achieving a likeness of nearly 99% to the actual voice.

Voice cloning with Verbatik is straightforward. We only require a few seconds of the person's voice recordings, and the cloned voice can be prepared within a few seconds.

Through our online platform, you can clone a voice. If cloning your voice, you'll first record a consent before being prompted to upload your voice recordings. After submission, your recordings undergo the cloning process. You can then utilize this voice through our text-to-speech editor online .

With Verbatik, cloning another person's voice is possible if you have their explicit consent. Given the potential for misuse of such a realistic voice clone, we prioritize ethical considerations and privacy, enforcing verification procedures and regulations to prevent unauthorized voice cloning.

Typically, we have the capability for instant cloning with minimal audio through Zero Shot cloning.

Only the individual's audio recordings are needed. These should be of high quality, free from background noise or music. However, more recordings can enhance the quality of the cloned voice.

Your cloned voice can be used through Verbatik's Voice Generation tool online—select your voice, input text, and generate audio

Indeed, Verbatik's advanced voice cloning technology accurately maintains the original accent, offering nearly perfect preservation. Experience the realism by listening to our voice cloning samples.

The cloned voice is considered your intellectual property. Verbatik does not claim any rights, allowing you full freedom to use your cloned voice without copyright or legal concerns.

No specific script is required. Any high-quality audio recording of your voice is suitable, provided it is free from background noise or music to ensure a clear and accurate clone.

Explore the Possibilities of Voice Cloning with Verbatik

E-Learning with Voice Cloning

Elevate the learning experience by integrating voice cloning into your e-learning modules. Verbatik's AI voice cloning technology enables you to produce engaging voiceovers for educational content, making learning more interactive and retention rates higher. Our efficient voice cloning service allows for quick updates to course material, ensuring your educational projects remain current and within budget. Tailor your e-learning scripts with AI-generated voices for a personalized learning journey.

Text to speech for meetings

Entertainment with AI Voice Cloning

Beat tight deadlines in the entertainment industry by leveraging Verbatik's AI voice cloning. Create voice clones of your actors to add lines seamlessly to your projects without the constraints of talent availability. Our AI clone technology overcomes the challenges of scheduling conflicts and last-minute script changes, offering flexibility to directors and producers. Achieve the perfect vocal performance with ease, thanks to our rich-text editor and voice cloning capabilities.

Text to speech for movie production

Voice Cloning for Game Development

Immerse players in your gaming world with dynamic character voices created through voice cloning. Verbatik enables endless possibilities for voicing quests, downloadable content (DLC), and cutscenes, enriching your game's narrative. With our simple editor, input your final scripts and instantly generate compelling voice lines with the selected clone. Customize sound files for optimal integration into your game, enhancing player engagement and storytelling.

Text to speech for gaming

Promoting Wellness with Voice Cloning

Personalize wellness apps with voice cloning to offer users guided experiences that resonate on a personal level. Verbatik's voice cloning can replicate any vocal performance, enriching meditation guides and therapeutic sessions. Integrate cloned voices with background music or use them for motivational prompts, providing a more human touch to digital wellness solutions.

Text to speech for meditating

Voice Cloning for Impactful Advertising

Maximize your advertising efforts with Verbatik's voice cloning technology. Create consistent and recognizable voiceovers for your marketing campaigns quickly and cost-effectively. Voice clones facilitate rapid A/B testing and script adjustments, enhancing message delivery and brand experience. Ensure your advertising resonates with your target audience through the familiar and engaging voice of a clone.

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Streamlining Podcast Production with Voice Cloning

Voice cloning transforms podcast production, allowing for error correction and episode creation in a fraction of the usual time. Engage your listeners with flawless voiceovers, maintaining high production values with minimal effort. Verbatik's voice cloning technology enables the rapid development of content, keeping your podcast fresh and accessible to your audience whenever they desire.

Verbatik for Podcasters

Voice Cloning for YouTube Content Creation

Keep your YouTube audience captivated with high-quality voiceovers created through voice cloning. Verbatik's AI clone my voice technology ensures your content production is not limited by physical presence or availability, allowing for scalable output. Produce engaging videos with precise voiceovers effortlessly, enhancing viewer retention and channel growth. Discover the transformative power of voice cloning across various domains with Verbatik, your go-to solution for AI-generated voiceovers.

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